A Chinese proverb says, “An invisible thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, and circumstances.”

And there’s another old saying, “Many hands make lightworkers.”

Director & Editor: Roger Ingraham

Associate Producer: Christina Mangino
Associate Producer: Katherine McConnell

Edit Location: Sirius Community, Shutesbury, MA

Thanks to the co-creators (alphabetical by first name):

Carol Neiman
Enrique Melendez
Frank Bonello
Jordan Lejuwaan
Judee Pouncey
Karen Frank
Mike Hedge
Niklas Schrimpf
Roger C. Ingraham
Sophie Wilkie

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Folks featured in the films (in no particular order):

Emmet Brennan
Alice Frank
Dani Angel
Cailey Clark
Arin Crumley
Samantha Halitzer
Walter Anthony Voiland
Jonas Harka
Tarynn Wiehahn
Josephine Davidson
Roger Ingraham
Anthony Coden
Vivian Kaloxilos
Brian Corin
Ryan Voiland

Music by grammy-nominated Paul Avgerinos – roundskymusic.com/