Roger Ingraham has been filmmaking for over 13 years, with 3 feature films (one upcoming release) and countless short films, mini-documentaries, videos, and commercial work.

His first feature film was a gritty “real life vampire story” titled “Moonshine.” At the age of 21, he premiered it at the Sundance Film Festival, making him the youngest feature filmmaker in the festival’s history. His subsequent in-depth explorations were in the genre of documentary and non-fiction work. He directed and produced an online short film series with over 1 million views, “The Ring Channel” featuring short beautiful meditative films.

He co-directed a collaborative documentary which captured the life-changing experiences of a small group of attendees at the Burning Man festival “As the Dust Settles.” His upcoming feature docu-narrative is titled “The Calling.” It’s a young woman’s coming-of-age story as she’s drawn to the profound healing path of Zulu shamans in South Africa. With this upcoming feature documentary as well as a new pop-culture music video “Empire Vampire” being released, his films continue to successfully explore frontiers and share paths through the wilderness of mystery, meaning, culture, and life.

He also maintains a 16 year business in web design, graphic design, and technology solutions.

To contact him for projects, music videos, commercial work, editing, or his web/graphic design work: rogeringraham(at)